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With CIRCA, Med-Enterprise Offers Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions

We pursue "missing revenue" where others cannot. Our innovative CIRCA Process is a data mining and systems risk management evaluation that combines and transforms financial, contract, and Payor claims data into actionable "missing revenue" reports. Today, healthcare providers are compensated at precipitously lower levels; and, insurance premiums continue to increase aggressively. The combination of falling Payor contract reimbursement rates and rising healthcare delivery costs creates declining revenue for providers.

What Makes Us the Leading Consulting Group in Prompt Pay Solutions

We utilize proprietary technology and progressive business analytics to significantly impact your payment integrity and financial position. Our client-centric values and commitment to providing you with solid, cost-effective solutions is the foundation of our company. We work with an array of providers from individual physicians in rural communities to metropolitan healthcare organizations. You will find our dedicated consultants, partners and resources will deliver strategic resolutions for all your technology and business needs.

Client Testimonials

"I didn't know until I met Med-Enterprise that there was a way to find lost Prompt Pay revenue. Every doctor, hospital and ASC needs to get onboard and find their rightfully due missing revenue!"

Dr. Stan Jones, SPINE CARE

"After learning about the CIRCA Process and its ability to recover revenue that billing systems can not find, I was eager and thrilled to present it to my colleagues. It is our fiduciary responsibility to ourselves and our practices to 'leave no stone unturned,' especially when offered a free assessment to identify your risk."

Dr. James Street, Anesthesiologist, Houston, TX

"I have been pleased with the professionalism, flexibility, and ease in working with the team at Med-Enterprise.  No detail is too small for them to consider in their revenue discovery discipline."

Mark D. Evard, AVP Revenue Cycle, St. Luke's Health System, Houston, TX